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renovatio: (Latin); renovate, to make new again

Renovatio is a Muslim journal about the ideas that have shaped our past and present world. We ask scholars, theologians, and writers to examine timeless questions and today’s moral challenges by drawing from the enduring texts of revelatory faith traditions and current thinking from philosophy, theology, and ethics to history, politics, the social sciences, and beyond.

We publish essays that are both rigorous and readable so that anyone, no matter his or her intellectual interests, can weigh and consider the ideas we present. With its focus on writers, readers, and ideas, we see Renovatio as a bridge between religious traditions and the study of the world, believing that each can renew the other—and between scholars and the public.

Our Channels

Renovatio fuses old media with new media. We publish a print journal anchored by a collection of themed articles in each issue. Online, we post additional essays as well as audio and video of conversations with writers. And, we bring what we publish to life through public events that introduce scholars and audiences of varied backgrounds and perspectives to one another.

Our Support

Renovatio is published by Zaytuna College, a Muslim liberal arts college in Berkeley, California, and it is supported in part by a grant from the Templeton Religion Trust as well as by individual donors.

*The ideas expressed in the essays and multimedia content we publish are those of the writers and scholars who expressed them and not necessarily the views of the Templeton Religion Trust.

Editorial Team

Hamza Yusuf

Dr. Mark Damien Delp
Consulting Editor

Safir Ahmed

Uzma Husaini
Senior Editor

Najeeb Hasan
Managing Editor

Dr. Carol Nisar
Editorial Projects Manager

Imran Malik
Audio/Video Editor

Yusuf Mullick
Contributing Editor

Krista Bremer
Contributing Editor

Tom Devine
Copy Editor/Proofreader

Jude Berman
Copy Editor/Proofreader

Hosai Mojaddidi
Copy Editor/Proofreader

Ian Whiteman

Board of Advisors

Dr. Hatem Bazian
Zaytuna College

Dr. Jonathan A.C. Brown
Georgetown University

Dr. Caner K. Dagli
College of the Holy Cross

Dr. Marianne Farina
Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Gray Henry
Fons Vitae Publishing

Dr. Andrew F. March
Harvard University

Dr. Ingrid Mattson
University of Western Ontario

Dr. Mahan Mirza
University of Notre Dame

Dr. Omar Qureshi
Zaytuna College

Dr. Mohammed Rustom
Carleton University

Dr. Omid Safi
Duke University

Imam Zaid Shakir
Zaytuna College

Dr. John Walbridge
Indiana University

Dr. Eva Brann
St. John's College

Dr. Scott F. Crider
University of Dallas